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AKT ENGG & Flow Controls LLC is widely considered as a global leader using “Smart Industry”
technology & investment.

Valves & Controls

With a broad range of multi brand products and solutions for valve automation needs, we cater to a wide variety of industries viz Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Agro Chemical, power and other process industries.

Pumps & Accessories

Each type of pump integrated into a refining system for a specific purpose and are crucial in transporting or purifying different fluids. oil pumps are used extensively in the oil and gas sector, both off-shore and on-shore.

Instrumentation & Controls

Virtually every industry that specializes in repeatable production requires industrial process instrumentation and process control equipment.

Rotating Equipments

There are different types of equipment used in oil and gas fields in order to extract oil and gas from the ground. The ground is drilled, and resources are extracted, stored, supplied from these fields.


Electrical engineers are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining power generation systems, including turbines, generators, and power distribution networks, to ensure that the facilities have a reliable supply of electricity.


Marine Equipments / spares

We are one of the world’s leading marine equipment’s and its spare parts suppliers majorly covers well known diesel engines, generator sets and its spare parts, The major spare parts are valve stems, valve seats and rotators, bearings, piston rings, liners, air coolers, spacers, etc